Jérémy Lugassy… When the passion joins the creativity


Behind each concept, there is a spirit that gives a creative impulse and a clear setting where the art of living and adventure are at the meeting. By focusing on authentic places, the furniture finds its place, infuses its style and sets its decor… Couleurs du Sud, belongs to the repertoire of arrayers who draw the story, told by the architect, the designer or the decorator. From the image to the use, from the line to the character, the furniture evokes the inspiration of the moment, the summary of a reflection, the signature of a know-how.


In wood, for a natural and refined design, in leather for a velvety touch, or in a context with variable geometry, the furniture is posed in depths of comfort. Free composition of a place to be declined, according to the patterns and colors, the textiles dress the shades and harmonize the materials. Nestling somewhere in a hotel room, having breakfast or simply dining, are as many sources of inspiration as moments of conviviality to share.


In the space of some time, Jeremy Lugassy, founder of the company, has made a tailor-made journey, reflecting the essential objectives and the taste of authenticity that he conceives. From the manufacture of custom furniture to the workshop of exclusive creations of fabrics, without intermediate steps, he manufactures to order, making realizations a unique history. Between the past and the present, in a monolithic approach, he knew how to build an idea in the making, and combine his vision with the actuality. From intention to perfection, he sharpens his listening talent for the improvement and ambition of his projects.


Taking care of things and addresses where you meet to enjoy time differently… Soul and spirit combine the furniture of a chic bistro, a trendy restaurant or the unmissable charm of hotels where you meet. At the beginning of creation comes imagination; from the pleasure of sitting down, drinking, sleeping or simply meditating. It is in the personality that the history and the fabrication of a project is mixed with originality.

Lauren Lugassy
Créatrice d’ambiance

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